Tendai Huchu weaves a hilarious, witty and educative tale in this book. Set in Harare, Zimbambwe, Vimbai derives immense satisfaction in her job – Hairdressing. The very best in the entire city. A city where the success of your business depends on government patronage. A city suffering under debilitating inflation, staggering unemployment and a frightening AIDS pandemic. Her colleague Patricia gets pregnant and a vacancy thus arises. This vacancy would change the course of her life forever. 

Enters Dumi. A young man looking to fill the vacancy.  A job reserved for women. He wows the salon’s owner with her his nimble skills and handwork. He gets the job and brings with him a plethora of clients. Profits rise exponentially. Dumi is the new king of hairdressing.

Vimbai is a single mother. Her late brother had bequeathed his house to her. This resulted in schism between her and her brothers. It strained their relationship so bad that they stopped talking to each other. Faced with bills to pay, Vimbai, in a twist of events, decides let Dumi move in with her. To cost-share. 

She began discovering things about him that he had until then concealed so well. He wasn’t you average hairdresser. He was from a rich family. He kept a diary that contained his deepest secrets. One secret in particular that would change the status quo forever! 

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