Prof. Ngugi makes an insightful analysis of the inexorable rise of African novel in this book. He traces its origins back to 1962 at the African Writers of English Expression Conference convened at Makerere University, Uganda.

He makes reference to the works of Africa’s greatest writers among them:

Ama Ata Aidoo; Micere Mugo; Bessie Head; Buchi Emecheta; Mariama Ba; Tsitsi Dangarembga; Chinua Achebe; Christopher Okigbo; Wole Soyinka; James Ngugi; Bloke Modisane; and Ezekiel Mphahlele.

Ngugi, like his father before him, grapples with many questions herein, chief among them being; what is African literature?

What’s the place of African languages in building and sustaining African literature?

How did we get here?

What does the future portend?

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Nansubuga Makumbi delivers a uniqely exciting multi-generational story set in Uganda!

She tells the story of Kintu, the mythical first man on earth and founder of the Buganda Kingdom. Starting in the 18th century, this beautiful historical novel oscillates between the 18th and 20th century, sprawling the epochs of the majestic Buganda Kingdom to modern day Kampala.

Makumbi beautifully covers culture, intergenerational changes, heritage, love and life!

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Joan Thatiah, one of Kenya’s most talented and captivating authors, speaks to men on mattes life and relationship in her third instalment aptly titled, Letters to My Son.

She draws from her life experience, growing up in a house full of brothers, the examples set by her Father, the men she has encountered in her professional and romantic paths.

Joan addresses oft-overlooked yet crucially pertinent subjects on life and romance. These include: The importance of a firm handshake; sex, masculinity and redefining masculinity.

Her writing style is laid-back yet candid. Educating yet entertaining. Soft yet potent.

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Mandy Stadtmiller pours out her heart and soul like never before in her memoirs Unwifeable.

Testament to a human being who spent copious amounts of time conducting a thorough introspection, there’s nothing about her life she does not touch on. From: the double trauma of child rape and growing up with traumatized parents; the bliss of marriage; the ugliness of divorce; the confusion in between; and the peace that comes with healing.

As she bares her soul, she also draws salient lessons from the traumatic events that characterized her life. Her’s is a potent story of self-discovery and healing.

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The newest recipient of the Noble Prize for Literature, Abdulrazak weaves an intriguing tale in Desertion.

Set in his native Tanzania, this novel captures colonialism and its attendant implications. He aptly introduces the rich Swahili culture to his readers all the while tackling pertinent themes such as race, religion and marriage.

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Frances Hesselbein, one of the most celebrated corporate leaders of her time, brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject of leadership.

Having inherited the Girls Scout of America when it was at a point of quick decline and turning it around into one of the most formidable organizations on the planet, she knows a thing or two on the subject matter.

She offers these lessons to her readers via a collection of essays she’s written throughout the years. There’s a ton of wisdom and then some to go around.

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Poetry and love. Islam and Christianity. A Sufi and a dervish. Elif Shafak. Magic!

Elif weaves a beautifully engaging story on the life of Rumi. This story traverses centuries, religions and geographical boundaries. She seamlessly marries 12th century vignettes with 20th century realities to give a thrilling account of one of the most famous poets.

As she is wont to, she explores and juxtaposes themes of love, gender, literature and religion. In her inimitable penmanship, she dissects these subjects to the core. She carries her reader through a fast-paced world of ever-changing dynamics.

All the while, regaling them with her unparalleled descriptive skills, literary prowess and impossible-to-hate story telling.

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Relationships can be the most comforting of spaces. Conversely, they can also be the most chaotic. We all feel and want love yet again at times love seems so… Hard?

Dr. Tatkin demystifies the psychology behind the chemistry of relationships. He draws lessons from the multitude of clients he has dealt with over the years and his own experience with his divorce and new marriage, to give it that all important personal touch.

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