‘Beautifully Flawed’ – A Review

First came love, then came marriage then came hell. 

Dr. Arinola Araba is an eminently decorated scholar, savvy entrepreneur and devoted mother. Yet she didn’t always feel so powerful. This book is her life’s story. Herein she makes the difficult but refreshingly emancipating move to share her journey with the world. 

She was once married. It was a happy one until it wasn’t. Physical and emotional abuse, irredeemable character flaws and neglect soon reared their ugly heads. Having three young kids made things even more intricate.

She had to brave hunger, cold and poverty to fend for her children. A nasty protracted divorce would ensue that would turn her world upside down. Her mental health took a beating. Anguish. Shame. Despair. 

Dr. Araba gives a candid account of her relationship. She highlights the pitfalls and challenges that she had to endure. All in the name of love. She tells of the struggles of a black, modern, working woman. A woman who goes through hell but is expected to smile all day. A woman who is so hurt but has to be strong for her children. She tells of the experience of living with an insecure, short-tempered, possessive man. 

When is enough, enough? When does one walk away? Is walking away even an option? Is it all worth it? 

These are the questions that Dr Arinola seeks to answer using her story.

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