‘The Cockroach Dance’ – A Review

Meja Mwangi tells a hilarious story of one Dusman Gonzanga. A man plagued with a myriad of problems. These range from not liking his neighbours, for good reason. After all, one lives in a bathroom, another is a crook while another is always scheming with his wife on how to raise the price of vegetables.

Sacked from his room attendant job at the Sunshine hotel after being found in a compromising position with a co-worker, Dusman finds work at City Hall. Initially as a water meter reader but later asks for a transfer to a parking meter reader. This was to be a tentative position as he waited for a
clerical vacancy which proved not to be forthcoming. He then asks his boss to transfer him back to water meter reading.

His boss is convinced that he has lost it and recommends him to the company doctor. A psychiatrist, who is convinced that all of man’s problems revolve around women, money and power.

However Dusman’s biggest problem seems to be his love-hate relationship with cockroaches. Those inveterately annoyingly creatures that seems to thrive in the most sordid of conditions. One time he wants to eat them. Yet another, he wishes he could kill all of the cockroaches that danced and pranced, and laughed at him in his mind.

It’s witty, reflective and an honest mirror of society.


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