‘Changes’-A Review

Ama Ata Aidoo delivers a timeless novel in the book that won her the 1992 Commonwealth Prize for
Literature in Africa. Presciently, she tells the story of Esi Sekyi. The embodiment of a quintessential
professional woman. She has a great job that takes her to different parts of the world and an indifferent husband who wants more of her time than she can give him.

The relationship is strained. Cracks turn into fissures when he forces himself on her. Can one be raped by her husband in her marriage? That is the question that Esi is plagued with. Is there such a thing as marital rape or is sex a right that a husband is entitled from his wife whenever and
wherever? Is marital rape an oxymoron?

Can a woman really have it all? The money, the power, the freedom to decide the definition of having it all? Is it true that the best husband is the one another woman has never the one you have?

Is feminism a foreign concept? Is an empowered woman an aberration in African culture? Can changes be instituted by a woman in a society as obdurately patriarchal as Africa?

Esi is the eye with whom we see all these questions answered.

Changes is a novel that pulses with the irrepressible feminist cause. It stamps its authority as the vehicle that continues to challenge female subjugation. It is a record of the changing circumstances
of women’s lives in contemporary Africa.

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