Joe Khamisi, a Kenyan historian par excellence, delivers his fourth book with this instalment. He once again musters the audacity to take the bull by the horns and addresses Kenya’s open secret-The plunder of public resources and abuse of office by the elite. In his quintessential fashion, this is a thoroughly researched piece of literature that sheds light on Kenya’s greatest undoing.

Joe Khamisi chronicles the genesis of this avarice which began with the British colonialists. He follows its continuation and indeed perfection, by the independence and post-independence governments. He doesn’t mince his words and neither does he skirt around the bush.

He explores everything that has bedevilled this country from; corruption, assassinations, abuse of office, electoral malpractices and everything in between. Indeed, this cancer that has proved inoculate to the chemotherapy of investigative bodies, public demonstrations and furore, and the radiotherapy of radical judicial surgery, has been as deliberate as it has been systemic.

This is THE book for anyone who seeks to better understand the state of our country, her history, how we got here and why we are still talking about slaying the dragon of corruption, FIFTY SIX YEARS after independence.


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