Ever wondered why some people who are irrefutably dextrous just seem to be getting by while others who are not as intellectually gifted seem to be comparably successful and happy? Why a high I.Q alone doesn’t result in being an excellent leader, spouse or employee? Well, Jean greaves has just two words for you; Emotional Intelligence!

Emotional intelligence has been around since time immemorial. Remember when King Solomon made his timeless land mark ruling in the dispute of paternity between the two women and the child in the Bible? It wasn’t just his divine wisdom. A lot of it had to do with his level of emotional intelligence.

As Patrick Lencioni, President of the Table Group aptly captured in his foreword of this book, “As a society we continue to focus most of our self-improvement energy in the pursuit of knowledge, experience, intelligence and education.” However, human beings are a complex web of emotions. Owing to this, only those who understand how these emotions fundamentally influence our lives, can be truly successful and happy.

Jean Greaves does an excellent job in demystifying this unnecessarily obscure concept of emotional intelligence. She also equips the reader with four skills essential in emotional intelligence. She further shares practical examples of how having (and also lacking) each affects us as individuals.

Her research spanning over sixteen years and involving millions of people has revealed a connection between top achievers and their levels of emotional intelligence. The inspiring news is that unlike I.Q., emotional intelligence isn’t fixed. With a little work, you can greatly improve it. If this book is anything to go by, an improved emotional intelligence will have a ripple effect in your work, relationships and being generally.

Dig in and find out more!



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