Mandy Stadtmiller pours out her heart and soul like never before in her memoirs Unwifeable.

Testament to a human being who spent copious amounts of time conducting a thorough introspection, there’s nothing about her life she does not touch on. From: the double trauma of child rape and growing up with traumatized parents; the bliss of marriage; the ugliness of divorce; the confusion in between; and the peace that comes with healing.

As she bares her soul, she also draws salient lessons from the traumatic events that characterized her life. Her’s is a potent story of self-discovery and healing.

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You know Gabrielle Union from shows like Being Mary Jane and LA’s Finest. Well, she’s also an author!

Have you ever had one of those intimately honest conversations that you needed wine to access your most vulnerable recesses? 

Yes? Good, then you’re right at home. No? Good, buckle up!

Gabrielle Union shares some of her most personal experiences with such inimitable rawness that you feel you are in the room with her. From her struggles transitioning puberty; her rape ordeal; insecurities; failed relationships; navigating Hollywood; and how Prince (Purple Rain) influenced her career. 

It’s your quintessential no holds barred, in-your-face, limitlessly talented Gabrielle Union with generous doses of vulnerability. 

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You Must Set Forth A New Dawn is an insightful autobiography by Africa’s first recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature – Wole Soyinka. 

He chronicles his artistic contribution to the democracy of his country Nigeria. He details his tribulations at the hands of military dictators, his incarceration and inevitable exile. 

With the wisdom of a man who has seen it all he potently reminds that nation building is a difficult process. 

His eventual return from exile heralded a new dawn in Nigeria. A return to civilian rule. 

Almost presciently, understanding that nation building is a life-long process, he instructs his readers to set forth a new dawn!

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Written by the first black President of the United States, A Promised Land is itself, a historic labor of literature. Selling over 1.7 million copies in its first week, these presidential memoirs are proving worthy of their title, just like the author.

A Promised Land is an incisive summation of the eight years of the Obama presidency. More than giving an honest historical account of his time in office, President Obama gives a personal account of his life in public service. 

In a way only he can, he guides the reader through the often unseen but potently present, toll that politics took on his health, family and marriage.

This is the story of a boy born to a single white American mother. A boy who barely knew his biological father and lived a largely peripatetic upbringing. A boy who struggled coming to terms with his mixed American-Kenyan heritage. A boy who struggled with a stubborn smoking habit and the ravages of racism. This is the story of a boy who would surmount all the odds to be elected as President of the United States. 

This is the story of Barrack Obama. 

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