Poetry and love. Islam and Christianity. A Sufi and a dervish. Elif Shafak. Magic!

Elif weaves a beautifully engaging story on the life of Rumi. This story traverses centuries, religions and geographical boundaries. She seamlessly marries 12th century vignettes with 20th century realities to give a thrilling account of one of the most famous poets.

As she is wont to, she explores and juxtaposes themes of love, gender, literature and religion. In her inimitable penmanship, she dissects these subjects to the core. She carries her reader through a fast-paced world of ever-changing dynamics.

All the while, regaling them with her unparalleled descriptive skills, literary prowess and impossible-to-hate story telling.

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Gerad Loughran eruditely revisits Kenya’s history in this eye-opening book. Having served over twelve years at the Nation newspaper in Nairobi, Gerad has seen it all.

From pre-independence fever, Kenya’s inaugural government, dictatorship, post-election violence, and everything in between.

He captures the salient moments in a way only a seasoned journalist could. He tracks the journey of the Nation newspaper. From its humble beginnings to the massive, multi-billion enterprise it now is.

Gerad opens the lid on the intricacies of establishing an independent press. He talks of the delicate balance of complying with government on one hand while maintaining an autonomous, reliable and truthful voice.

It’s educating, entertaining and insightful.

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