What comes to mind when you hear the word feminism?

Are you a feminist?

What does living life as a feminist mean?

These are some of the questions that Dr. Sara Ahmed seeks to answer in this informative book. She combines decades of scholarship, leadership and personal experience to bring to life this insightful book. 

She is blunt, forthcoming and unapologetic. 

She is unyielding in her quest to ask ethical questions about how to live better in an unjust and unequal world; how to create relationships with others that are more equal; and how to find ways to support those who are not supported or are less supported by social systems.

Dr. Sara Ahmed aptly elucidates on issues such as sexism, racism, phallocentrism and patriarchy. She shows how all these issues are connected and contribute to oppression against less-privileged people. 

Living A Feminist Life is a must-read text to everyone willing to understand the dynamism of power relations in the world.

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