WTO’s incumbent Director General delivers an eye-opening retrospection of her time as Nigeria’s Finance Minister. She zeroes in on her experience in fighting corruption in Africa’s most populous country. 

Ngozi walks the reader through one of the most eventful periods of her life. From nasty headlines, butting heads with powerful forces, designing policy to the traumatic moments of her mother’s kidnapping. 

As she is wont to she offers practical recommendations to aid in the fight against corruption.

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Julia Gillard delivers a powerful recollection of her time at the helm of Australian politics.  Aptly titled My Story, she chronicles in fine detail key events during her tenure. She gives the reader a front row seat to the high octane, high stakes, world of politics.

Australia’s first female Prime Minister takes on governance, diplomacy, the global financial crisis, environment, gender and everything in between.

She draws lessons from her moments lobbying legislators in Parliament, overseeing rescue missions, reaching out to stakeholders and honouring her oath of office. 

It’s a bare-knuckle, reflective and enlightening recollection. 

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David Epstein draws from an eclectic pool of intellectual resources to bring the wisdom enshrined herein. He interviews athletes, artists, grandmasters, veterans, doctors and everyone in between.

He eruditely makes a case for a generalist in lieu of a specialist approach. He constantly draws from that rich eclectic pool to change the reader’s attitude and mindset.

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Have you ever lost someone you loved dearly? Have you ever felt the weight of grief on your shoulders? The drain in energy resulting from mourning?

That’s what Chimamanda captures in this short but powerful piece of art. She lost her dad to kidney complications and it weighed heavily on her.

Herein, she captures those somber, private and uniquely personal moments. The ebb and tide of healing and coming to terms with the reality of death.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a testament of the timelessness of Stephen Covey’s writing. Decades after it was written, its wisdom and insight remain just as potent!

Covey examines the essential attributes that make human beings excel in what they do. The universality of the principles shared herein further ennoble his place as a reliable authority on this subject.

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Ama Ata Aidoo proves was ahead of her milieu when she penned Our Sister Killjoy.

Sissie, a young brilliant Ghanaian lady gets an academic scholarship to go to Germany. There, she encounters a whole new world, with a new of life.

Through Sissie, Prof. Aidoo tackles salient issues of our time, as is quintessential of her.

Like the seasoned author she is, she combines poetry and prose in a beautiful, congenial and artistic way.

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Gerad Loughran eruditely revisits Kenya’s history in this eye-opening book. Having served over twelve years at the Nation newspaper in Nairobi, Gerad has seen it all.

From pre-independence fever, Kenya’s inaugural government, dictatorship, post-election violence, and everything in between.

He captures the salient moments in a way only a seasoned journalist could. He tracks the journey of the Nation newspaper. From its humble beginnings to the massive, multi-billion enterprise it now is.

Gerad opens the lid on the intricacies of establishing an independent press. He talks of the delicate balance of complying with government on one hand while maintaining an autonomous, reliable and truthful voice.

It’s educating, entertaining and insightful.

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Women and Leadership is the most resourceful book on this subject yet. Written jointly by Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, it gives the reader the elusive 360-degree view on women in leadership. Specifically, on the impact of gender on the treatment of leaders.

As if their accomplished careers were not enough to learn from, they have further embellished this book with even more insight. Some of the most formidable leaders of our time including Hillary Clinton, Christine Largade and President Sirleaf, have lent their experience to this book.

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The winner of the 2006 Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa delivers a thrilling tale in this novel. Set partly in Nigeria, London and Atlanta, Sefi’s penmanship explores the defining shades of our societal architecture.

Her lead character, Adeola, is born into an affluent banking family. Her life is planned out until she decides to go against the grain. She studies accountancy in London and gets a job as an auditor. On an assignment in Nigeria, she meets a man, Wale and leaves Nigeria with more than just memories.

Sefi confronts the tones of classism, ethnicity and religion. How these three co-exist and their implications on human relations.

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How does a kid go from scrapping and clawing in the slums of Soweto to interviewing President Barack Obama?

How does anyone turn lemons into lemonade?

The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah delivers his most articulate work yet in these memoirs. Born in Apartheid South Africa, to a white man and a black woman, he was evidence of a crime. He chronicles his struggle to fit in. Being part of everything yet nothing at all, at the same time.

In quintessential Trevor Noah humor, he traverses the themes of racism, color, and the intricacies of dual heritage.

It’s a moving, insightful and still hilarious encapsulation of a life still being lived well.

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