What was it like being side-by-side and witnessing first-hand as one of the greatest civil rights icons of any generation fought for justice and equality?

How does one face so much tribulations yet still emerge from the fire stronger and with greater resolve?

How does one go from a discriminated, cotton-pickig, black girl growing up in the segregated South to dining with Head of States, Royalty and making an indelible mark on the world stage?


In My Life, My Love, My Legacy, Coretta Scott King tells her life’s story. She recounts her difficult upbringing growing up in racist Alabama, being openly discriminated against and finding her place in all the chaos. 

Coretta offers readers a front-row seat to her relationship with a young Martin Luther King. From her courtship, marriage, all the way to his fight against racism and injustice. 

More importantly, with decisive humility, she reminds readers that before she was Mrs King, there was a Coretta Scott and long after Dr. King is assassinated, she had a meaningful, impactful life. 

Her memoirs tell the story of a bold, once-in-a-life time- woman, who was knocked down seven times but got back up eight. It’s a moving, sobering, and inspiring tribute to a life well-lived, to honors well-earned. 

Dig in!

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