Ikigai came about following a conversation between its two authors – Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles – at a bar in Tokyo. The conversation canvassed the trends on Western psychology. Specifically, logotherapy – a branch of psychology that helps people find their purpose in life. 

This conversation led them to interrogate the lives of the people of Japan. The country with highest population of the oldest people in the world. What is their secret to longevity and old age? The answer – Ikigai- “the happiness of always being busy”- thus became the subject of this book. 

Over a considerable span of time, the authors shadowed the lives of the people of Okinawa, participated in their customs and conducted interviews with the oldest among them. 

Ikigai provides the reader with both academic and social insights into living a meaningful life. It bears gems of wisdom from some of the healthiest and oldest people on earth concerning happening and vitality. It teleports the reader into the Japanese way of life, its teachings of healthy living, purpose and general wellbeing. 

Dig in!

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