Toni Morrison, one of the greatest authors ever, engages her readers in an intellectual dance with this book. The Source Of Self-Regard is a collection of essays, thoughts, speeches and insights by Toni Morrison. The last of her works before she passed on.

Herein, she eruditely tackles a myriad of topics ranging from race, politics, literature and our common humanity. 

With the surgical precision of a seasoned writer, her pen guides the reader to her inner most intellectual faculties. She recalls certain dates and events and what they’ve meant to her. The 9/11 bombings for example. In addition, she interrogates the influence that authors such Chinua Achebe and James Baldwin have had on her writing. 

 Unfiltered, unbowed, unyielding!

 Quintessential of this Nobel Prize Laureate, she is audacious, confident and unapologetically black!

Dig in!

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