Imagine knowing for fact that you only had a few more months to live.

Imagine having to put your ducks in a row within that short span of time. 

That is the reality that confronted Dr. Randy Pausch. A professor of Computer Science at the Melon Carnegie Mellon University at the time of his death. 

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his doctors were blunt – you don’t have much time.

With this morbid yet sobering verdict, Dr. Pausch set out to live his best life. Chief of all his aspirations, was the desire to leave his children something to remember him by. His attempts to teach them in a few months what he would have otherwise taught them over a span of twenty years. 

The Last Lecture was ergo birthed. Originally, a formal lecture at the Carnegie Mellon University, and later on, with the help of Jeffery Zaslow, turned into a book. 

In it are lessons learned in the rodeo of life.

A sobering book on the finite nature of our lives. 

Dig in!

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