A dead body. An explosion in the heart of the city. Trained assassins. The chase!

Mukoma wa Ngugi delivers a thrilling detective story in Black Star Nairobi. Set in Nairobi, San Diego and San Francisco this riveting novel explores the depths of power.

Fast-paced, engrossing and entertaining, it follows the lives of two detectives – Ishmael and Odhiambo. 

What would otherwise have been an open and shut case panned out to be a nightmare. One that changed their lives completely!

Law enforcement officers became fugitives, friends turned to foes and perceptions of reality were irreparably shattered.

Mukoma dexterously weaves power, drugs, money and guns to produce a thriller that is bound to have you on edge. 

Clearly, for the son of Kenya’s most prolific author – Ngugi wa Thiong’o – the apple did not fall far from the tree. 

Dig in!

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