What goes through the head of a serial killer?

Why do sociopaths behave as they do?

How is it that some children seem predisposed to violence while their peers tread a relatively uneventful path? 

These are some of the questions that this answers.

 Dr. Perry brings decades of expertise in child psychiatry while Maia, brings her award-winning journalism skills, to birth The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog. This dynamic duo cuts through the medical jargon to bring easy-to-digest yet factual insights into the human mind. 

Dr. Perry has had a stellar career. He’s interacted with the vilest criminals and their most vulnerable victims. This book captures some of the lessons he’s learned about the human psyche. He unravels the connection between environment and individual. 

How, for example, does a child who didn’t receive proper parental care fair among his peers?

What informs the decisions of cult leaders?

How can we respond better to the children around us? 

These, and much more riveting insights, herein. 

Dig in!

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