Aminatta Forna delivers a thrilling work of literature in The Memory of Love. Set largely in Sierra Leone, this novel teleports the reader into a world of strife and conflict. Ravaged by a civil war, its citizens are suffering more than just physical wounds. 

Severe water shortages, lack of drugs and medical personnel, disillusionment, social unrest and a government allergic to the slightest dissent. These are the conditions at play for the citizens of Sierra Leone. 

Yet, more than anything, the entire population is plagued by an innocuous strain of PTSD. 

Elias Cole, an elderly retired academic, lives vicariously through his daughter Mama Kay  and Adrian, a British psychologist. 

Aminatta has done a remarkable job in fusing passion, politics and psychology in the same literary cauldron. 

The Memory of Love is one for the books (no pun intended!). 

Dig in!

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