Written by the first black President of the United States, A Promised Land is itself, a historic labor of literature. Selling over 1.7 million copies in its first week, these presidential memoirs are proving worthy of their title, just like the author.

A Promised Land is an incisive summation of the eight years of the Obama presidency. More than giving an honest historical account of his time in office, President Obama gives a personal account of his life in public service. 

In a way only he can, he guides the reader through the often unseen but potently present, toll that politics took on his health, family and marriage.

This is the story of a boy born to a single white American mother. A boy who barely knew his biological father and lived a largely peripatetic upbringing. A boy who struggled coming to terms with his mixed American-Kenyan heritage. A boy who struggled with a stubborn smoking habit and the ravages of racism. This is the story of a boy who would surmount all the odds to be elected as President of the United States. 

This is the story of Barrack Obama. 

Dig in!

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