Nobel Laureate John Maxwell Coetzee delivers a thrilling novel in his brilliant book Elizabeth Costello. He writes of an elderly, divorced, successful author, Elizabeth Costello, who travels the world giving lectures on an eclectic range of topics. Among them; Realism, the Novel in Africa and the Problem of Evil. 

Each lecture series offers the reader deep insight and plenty of food for thought. The South-African born author espouses the finest of literary minds with his sharp, witty and thought-provoking penmanship. He uses his characters to explore sensations and ideas. The tangible and the abstract.

Elizabeth Costello is an easy to read, short and entertaining novel. The type to lull the reader into a dreamlike state in which time and space of the real world are superseded by the time and space of fiction. The type of fiction to take you out of yourself and into the lives of others.

“Dig in!


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