Kamala Harris… Oops. My manners. Vice President-Elect Kamala (pronounced comma-la) Harris has been a trailblazer long before she ever considered a stab at the presidency. Born to a Jamaican father, Donald Harris and an Indian mother, Shyamala Gopalan, Kamala is not new to shattering glass ceilings. She has served as District Attorney, Attorney General and as the first black woman from California to be elected Senator.

The Truths We Hold is a recollection of her life’s journey. It was written amid a time of a huge political upset for the democrats. Hillary Clinton had just lost the 2016 elections. Ipso facto, VP-Elect Harris views this book as a call to action. I imagine she must beyond elated now. Don’t you just love when it all comes full circle!

Herein, she speaks about her life’s upbringing, the lessons her parents taught her, their divorce and the subsequent effect on her life, failing the bar exam, a blind date that resulted in marriage and eventually becoming a US Senator.

Her story, like that of most immigrants, is one of struggle, mixed-worlds, and finding one’s identity. She makes a thorough assessment of the ills that bedevil governance in America. She sheds light on the truths of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, mass incarceration, and legal loopholes, among others. Her experience both as a trained lawyer and a politician come in handy.

She explains these salient issues at length, armed with facts, and with the clarity of a monk. Even more reason to look forward to January 20th!

Above all, she preaches hope. Hope in America’s institutions, values, grit and its future.

Dig in!

2 thoughts on “‘THE TRUTHS WE HOLD’ – A REVIEW

  1. This looks like an excellent book, A.B. Kamala Harris is very impressive and it is reassuring to have her a vice president. Thank you for the review of her book. Thank you also for visiting my site and reading my poems. have a great weekend!

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    1. Kamala Harris has the promise to be a great VP! I wish her and the Biden administration the very best of success as they take on such a huge responsibility in such a perilous environment.

      Thank you for stopping by.

      I found your poems to be super creative and downright beautiful!

      Have a good one!

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