A question: Have you ever experienced shame? 

Another question: What is shame anyway?

Aha! Shame is such a shameful subject that you feel ashamed to even think about it?

No worries. Dr. Brené Brown is here to help!

This has been one of the most insightful and intriguing books I have read yet. The author, Dr. Brown, is an academic. Her field of expertise is shame. That’s right, she’s a shame researcher. 

I Thought It Was Just Me is the canvass upon which she painted an arresting picture on shame, power, and courage. Specifically, in relation to women in society. Herein she offers the reader information, insight and specific strategies for understanding shame and building resilience to it.

Taking the bull by its horns. Dr. Brown delves into the universal struggle that is shame. She taps into her years of research, teaching, interviewing and yes, living through it, to enlighten the reader on this subject. 

She sagaciously offers practical strategies and tips on how to face, acknowledge and conquer shame. As she continues to empower millions of people through her speaking and writing, she is powered by one statement: You cannot shame or belittle people into changing their behaviors.

Dig in!

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