What does a four-decade career at the United Nations look like? What have the eyes of the first black Secretary General of the UN seen? What lessons has one of the world’s most formidable negotiators learned? What’s the future of international relations?

These are the questions that Kofi Annan answers in his memoirs. Interventions chronicle his life’s work. From his upbringing in Ghana to the lofty offices of the United Nations headquarters in New York. He writes of leading efforts against HIV/AIDS, advocating for girl’s education, advancing human rights across the globe, leading relief efforts and intervening to stop wars. 

It is as honest as memoirs get. He offers the reader a sharp assessment of his wins and losses. He valiantly calls out the shortcomings of the very organization he led for 10 years and the world leaders he interacted with in that period. 

Interventions is a personal account of Kofi Annan’s service to the United Nations. A personal account of his efforts to address major diplomatic, development, and humanitarian challenges facing the international community. 

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