Yes! I am officially a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert (*insert rest face emoji).

This one has a poignant start. Elizabeth woke up one morning and decided to face the truth she had been evading all along – she didn’t want to have babies. She was thirty one years old and had been married for six years. What followed were years of a protracted, heart wrenching, money-sucking divorce. Her emotional and mental health were thrown into a state of disarray. 

What’s a girl to do? Whatever a girl’s got to do. This particular girl decided to take a trip in search of the kind of healong and peace that can only come from solitude. 

Eat Pray Love is the story of her life’s journey during this tumultuous time. She has divided this book into three distinct parts that chronicle her time in Italy, India and Indonesia. The three countries that she visited during her period of self-inquiry.

Like she does so well, she captures the lessons she learned at each stage. She recounts in lucid detail her spiritual journey of finding God and peace. She recalls with studious candidness her time in meditation and everything she learned about herself. She chronicles, delightfully so, getting over her pain and anguish and allowing herself to experience love again. 

Eat Pray Love is the story of a woman who at the onset of her journey was despondent and broken but at the end of it, she was renewed in spirit and life.

Dig in!

7 thoughts on “‘EAT PRAY LOVE’-A REVIEW

  1. I love this story and have seen it as such a strong testament to the empowered women of the future ever since I discovered it 10 years ago. I’ve often thought and would like to ask you, which 3 countries would you choose if you were to set out on your own self-discovery adventure? 🙂

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    1. That’s a great question. I’d love to hit the Himalayas. Clearly, there’s something about nature that heals the soul. Seychelles and Switzerland.

      What three countries would be your go-to?

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      1. Your choices sound great and I’d be happy to go to visit all of them! But if I were to choose.. Hmm… That’s such a hard question because there is beauty anywhere you would pick. I know for sure I would choose India because it’s the birth place of meditation. Maybe Iceland because of the nature. And then Portugal because I love their culture and lifestyle. That’s what I’d choose if I were to leave tomorrow, but I’m always open to in-the-moment inspiration!

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