What is your purpose? 

Sounds like a cliché question, right? A question you must have heard numerous of times from numerous sources. 

How about this: Why is it that you work? 

What is the essence of your work? 

Beyond paying your bills and remitting taxes, why is it that you do what you do?

These are the questions that the author seeks to help you answer.

Jeff Goins quit his job in the corporate sector to become a full-time writer. Over the years, he has discovered his calling. He seeks to help others do the same.

In The Art of Work he demystifies the meaning of the word “purpose” . He writes of his interviews with everyday people ranging from: park rangers; a five-year old boy who beat brain cancer and went on to race in a triathlon; cartoonists; compassionate missionaries; teachers; athletes; to farmers in rural Uganda. 

Through their stories, he offers practical steps that go a long way in harnessing the power of purpose. In each chapter, he illustrates of the stages of calling. The power of doing what it is you are really called to do. How finding our calling rarely comes in a nice box tied with a ribbon. How at times it is in the chaos of our lives that we find order.

The Art of Work isn’t a self-help book. It’s a piece of canvass on which to add your own experience. Jeff has struck a fine balance between the ancient understanding of vocation and the contemporary reality we live in. The outcome is an eclectic blend of wisdom, inspiration and enlightenment. 

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