We live in a world that has more and more relationships and less and less love, more and more sex and less and less intimacy,” says Pastor Todd. 

What is it that we are not doing right? What is it that we are doing right but can do better?

These are the questions that Pastor Todd and his wife Natalie seek to answer in this book. The two found love young. At age 15 and 14 respectively. They went on to get engaged and eventually married. Their relationship however, was not without its own challenges and pitfalls. It too, like most romantic relationships, has experienced its fair share of temptations, misunderstandings and fallouts. Yet the relationship has somehow weathered those storms. 

This book was written with the biblical understanding of love, as its basis. “I believe in discovering the truth by uncovering lies, so we are going to put the realities of today’s relationships up against the truths in God’s word about how to live with others,” he says. 

Both Pastor Todd and his wife Natalie, have drawn from their real life experiences to fill the pages of this insightful book. Herein they have made a vulnerable, intimate, yet empowering introspection of their relationship. They explore and debunk cultural relationships myths. More importantly, they  offer tried and tested, practical advice, on how to cultivate and nurture a romantic relationship, in line with God’s word. 

Pastor Michael Todd is the lead pastor at Transformation Church, alongside his wife. Their wealth of experience in pastoral ministry is evident in their approach in tackling this ubiquitous yet complex phenomenon. 

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  1. Totally!!!

    Pastor Todd did an amazing job.

    We need to keep having more conversations about relationships.

    There’s no one way to do it. In sharing what we know and listening to what we may not know, we become more responsive as individuals, and significant others.


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