A journalist. A banker. The police. A priest. A congregant’s wife. Desire. Three days of blistered feet, wounded knees, bruised wrists and ankles. 

This story is set in an unnamed country where the government is hell-bent on stifling any form of dissent. Real or perceived.  Government officials brazenly engage in acts of corruption. Looting, bribes for contracts and everything in between. Academia and journalists are their sworn enemies. The former for their independent thinking and the other for their audacity to expose their avarice. 

Chipota, a journalist for a local newspaper, is picked up by the police allegedly for political crimes. 

Albert, his banker friend, is held incommunicado in an underground cell. His wife confides in her priest who harbors unspoken desires for her.  

They are guests of the State. Suspected to have links to a revolutionary group. 

Chipota’s wife receives a call from her husband’s employer. He didn’t report to work. 

It’s a story full of intrigue, high-octane suspense and mind-blowing plot twists. 

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