A girl. A school. A bullet from a Colt 45.

Imagine leaving your home for school but never returning to either. That’s the story of Malala. A young Pakistani girl whose love for education got her a bullet in the head and almost cost her life. She recounts the events that led to that moment. That moment when her life changed forever. 

Growing up in a country controlled by the Taliban meant a bleak future for most Pakistani girls. It meant living under the yolk of sexist, patriarchal and retrogressive traditions. They were forbidden from going to school and getting an education. They were expected to stay inside, cook and serve their male relatives. If there were to go out they were to be accompanied by a male relative. They were even forbidden from voting.

Malala and her friends defied this unreasonable order. Her defiance would earn her a plethora of threats. Some in the newspaper and some in form of notes. 

This moving story shows how global events such wars, have far-reaching consequences especially on young girls and women. Malala’s is a case in point. Her life was shaped by terrorism and East vs West supremacy battles.

The story of the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner in history, Malala, must be one of the most thought-provoking stories of all time. It is the story of a girl who refuses to be chained by the shackles of patriarchy and sexism. It is the story of a girl who has the courage to not only dream but make that dream a reality. It is the story of a girl who understands the behemoth challenge ahead of her but refuses to back down. It is the story of a girl who has dedicated her life to championing for the education of girls everywhere in the world. 

This is the story of Malala!

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