Dr. Gillie Bolton is a renowned scholar and author with more than 25 years of experience under her belt, As a child, she suffered chronic bouts of depression. These bouts were exacerbated when she became a mother for the first time. She discovered writing by a stoke of luck. It’s writing that helped her get to the root of her depression – Incest. 

Writing offered the tool to do something about her discovery. Explorative writing in particular gave her the power to feel, think, know and understand herself better. Ultimately, it helped her accept and love herself. 

Experiencing firsthand, the power of expressive explorative writing, she pursued it as an academic. As an educator, she has devoted her career to working closely with people in pain. She uses writing to help people better understand themselves in whatever situation they may be in. She uses the power of writing personal stories and poetry for professional development. 

Write Yourself is an embodiment of that journey. A journey of a depressed woman who used writing to illuminate her problem and counteract it. A journey of learning to respect and trust the guiding hand of writing. 

Expressive explorative writing is the kind of writing that can get in touch with the stronger and wiser sides of ourselves, and enable us to hear and respond to wisdom and support.

Dig in! 

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