‘Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love’

If you are in a relationship or have been in one, then there are a couple universal questions that you’ve asked yourself. For example:

What do females really want?

Why doesn’t he just get it?

Are all men simply trash?

Are all relationships this difficult?

What’s the big deal about sex?

Is love overrated?

Is monogamy dead?

These are questions that Barbara and Allan Pease seek to answer. You’d be surprised to learn just how much the Victorian era has influenced your relationship and that of your parents. Yes, as in Queen Victoria. How so, you ask? Well, pick up this book and find out. 

Speaking of eras, with the onset of technology, you’d think we have really come a long way from our ancestors. You know, we don’t need to kill a deer for food or live in caves. We have the option of ordering food from our favourite restaurants and staying at fancy hotels. Right? 

Well, actually, no! Technologically, we may have evolved but emotionally, there’s not much difference between our homo habilis ancestors and us. Their reasons for getting into relationships are pretty much our reasons for getting into them. Sounds like a joke? An ancient one? You’d be surprised. 

Barbara and Allan Pease write from a place of facts. They have run the surveys and crunched the numbers. They read through the journals and lived the life. They know their stuff!

This book is as informative and as enlightening as they come. You’ll look at your relationship differently after reading this. Things will make a lot more sense and conversations will get a lot more meaningful. 

The evolution is here!

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