‘The Laws of Human Nature’- A Review

Why do human beings behave the way they do? Why do we feel envious of others? Why do some people have a magnetic aura while others have a repelling countenance? Why are some people narcissistic while others are emphatic?

Robert Greene, author of the bestselling The 48 Laws of Power, answers those questions and many more in this thrilling book. He has gathered these answers from an impressive gamut of sources anddisciplines. From psychology to politics. From religion to the motor industry. From Europe to Asia.

Quintessential of Robert Greene’s works, he makes a ruthless appraisal of human nature. He is thorough and analytic. In each chapter, he focuses on the life/ lives of a historic (s) individual to corroborate the law /nature in question. That nature, that elemental force that compels humanbeings to react as they do.

For students of life and power, this is the perfect companion. It is written not to judge but to create awareness. An awareness of others but more importantly, an awareness of ourselves in relation to others. It’s a literary mirror to the very essence of our being!

Reading this book will make you anapprentice of human nature. Your brain will be piqued by the sheer truth and practicality of the lessons contained herein.

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