‘Single and Searching’ – A Review

Where have all the good men/women gone?

That’s a question that a lot of people, both young and old, keep asking themselves. Why is it thatrelationships these days don’t seem to last as long? Is it the hook up culture? Is it just a millennialproblem? Is true love overrated? Or do we just suck at it?

Dr Chris Hart; the popular columnist with the Daily Nation and psychologist, answers all these questions, and then some. Does monogamy come natural to men? Who takes the lead in establishing a relationship? Are there any rules when it comes to dating? Why do brides wear white and what’s the deal with engagements rings anyway?

He taps into his academic training to explain various trends and mannerisms with regards to relationships. For example, did you know that research shows that a happy marriage can add five years to a man’s life and two years to a woman’s? Did you know that the simple act of holding hands with someone you love lowers your blood pressure?

It is written in simple and inviting language. Dr Chris Hart has done his homework and he has the studies to corroborate his writing. He is thorough yet concise. Above all, he is witty, enlightening and entertaining.

Dig in! Should you have any questions or comments for him after you have read the book, feel freeto shoot him an email on: cgh@nyumbayangu.com

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