‘How Democracy Ends’ – A Review

How many times have you heard politicians whether they are Members of County Assemblies, Members of Parliament, or even your President or Prime Minister, invoke the word DEMOCRACY in their speeches? I’d like to bet there are more times than you count. It has become part and parcel of every politician’s lexical arsenal.

Which begs the question; are all governments in the world defined asdemocratic? Which begs an even
more important question; what exactly is democracy?

Is it the type of governance structure? Is it universal suffrage? Is ittheexistence of political parties?
Can the word ‘democracy’ be used as a reason to jail ‘non-democratic’ dissidents? Can waging war onsovereign nations and bombing them into submission, be legitimized in the name of fighting for ‘democracy’?

Is democracy, ipso facto, theimpediment of progress, good governance and meaningful lives? If
democracy is such a good thing that allows the people to choose their own leaders, how is it that a lot of people feel that all politicians are the same? – Thieves and liars who promise the world while campaigning yet fail to deliver once they get into office? Is that the electorate lacksthecompetence to elect good representatives or is it that political parties brainwash these representatives?

Alain de Benoist demystifies this concept. His limpid and style of writing makes this an easily-readable and enjoyable book. He takes away the political jargon and verbiage thus enabling any reader to comprehend the content herein.


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