‘Things Fall Apart’ – A Review

This a book that follows the life of Okwonko. A man who was motivated by the innate fear of turning
like his father – Destitute, lethargic and without honour. Okwonko pulls himself up the by boot
straps and in the fullness of time, earns not only honour but also great wealth. This however changes
when he inadvertently shoots his kinsman and is banished from the community for a mandatory
period of seven years.

In those seven year, the colonialists come and bring with them a new religion, system of government
and way of life. Much to Okwonko’s chagrin.

Chinua Achebe, by acclamation Africa’s most prolific novelist, eruditely explores the thematic areas
of African traditions and the clash between these traditions and Christianity. Quintessential of a
Chinua Achebe classic, this novel is full of timeless, age-old African proverbs that make for great
orgasms in the mind!


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