‘A Woman Wronged’ – A Review

Maxwell Richardson and his lovely wife Mandy Richardson seem to be living the life. Maxwell is a
hotshot advocate and Mandy is an assistant director at a huge retail company. There’s money,
prestige, happiness, and love. Or so it seems.

All this is however shattered when Mandy realizes that Maxwell has been having an affair. A four
year affair, no less. Complete with a son and twin girls on the way.

Everything changes!

How does she handle it? What can she do? What should she do? How did this take place without her
noticing it?

We know of the strength of a woman. Have you ever met a woman wronged?

Rebone Thibedi-Mogotsi weaves us this engrossing, emotion-packed and drama filled story. It’s the
sort of stuff that leaves you hooked!


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