We are all on a journey to realize our fullest potential. To be the very best version of ourselves. We need people to hold our hands on this journey. People who have walked this path before us. People who are kind enough to share their stories, failures, successes and overall, lessons learned.

Oprah Winfrey virtually opens up this vista for us. She uses her platform to engage individuals from all walks of life and encapsulates all these nuggets of wisdom in this book.

Her gamut ranges from award-winning actors such as Issa Rae and Kerry Washington; Talk show hosts like Ellen and Trevor Noah; political leaders like President Jimmy Carter, Vice President Joe Biden and John Lewis; best-selling authors such as Sarah Breathnach and Shonda Rhimes; Grammy award winning artists such as Jay Z ; CEOs like Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn; to men of cloth such as Joel Osteen and Bishop T.D. Jakes.

There’s something for everyone in this book. In her own (see what I did there!) words;

“My hope with The Path Made Clear is to offer the wisdom of experience from the visionaries, artists, teachers, and trailblazers who have walked this road before you, and who have shared their inspiration and lessons with me. The common thread among them: They have discovered that in this world, there is no real doing without first being.”

Dig in!



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