Why is that when you meet someone new, the first few weeks seem to be full of bliss? You feel like you have met your soulmate, your better half, if you will. Then a few weeks into post-bliss, you feel like you made the wrong choice. Certain things that erstwhile didn’t bother you now seem to endlessly peeve at you. What happened? Was this really the right choice for you?

Why is it that we love each other but still fight? Why is that one time we feel like we have found the one but the next time feel like we need another one? Why can’t it be like in the movies where it’s love at first sight, we fight to be with each other, overcome our foes and walk happily-ever-after into the sunset?

Is religion really a big deal when it comes to relationships? Do his/her parents’ view on life affect our relationship? Do personalities really matter when we are in love? I know what I feel, do I really need a book to elucidate the obvious?

How do people go from having a lavish wedding full of pomp and fanfare yet end up in such a bitter marriage and eventually divorce? How can people who love each other divorce anyway?

Dr. Gary Chapman, author of the best-selling Five Languages of Love, explores all these questions and propose practical answers to them. He brings forth his experience from his own marriage of over forty years, coupled with years of couple counselling, and shares his insights. It is from these experiences that he shares with us things he wish he knew before he got married.

This is a delightfully helpful book for those already in marriage and working at making their marriages meaningful and worthwhile, those already in a relationship and looking to take it to the altar and those who are single and would like to build loving relationships. If any of these situations sounds like you, this is the book for you.


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