If you are a fan of #TGIT, then like me, you LOVE Shonda Rhimes! She is the brains behind some of the most successful TV shows.  Among them; Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy and How To Get Away with Murder. 

This is the most honest book I have read this year! There are no grey areas (no pun intended). She’s forthright about her desires, aspirations, and most especially, her fears. She bares her heart out in this book. This book is conceived by six startling words from her eldest sister:

“You never say yes to anything.”

It is these six words that set the ball rolling on an intriguing series of events that culminate in one of Hollywood’s finest creators writing a book.

Picture this, an intelligent, chubby, extremely sensitive, introverted black girl in a white-dominated school. She doesn’t have any friends. How does she cope? She creates characters, gives them names, and breathes life into them. Indeed, as per her own admission, Shondaland began when she was eleven! Paradoxically, it’s her greatest fears that becomes her most valuable assets. For example, her greatest fear is getting Alzheimer’s. What does she do? She creates a TV show where doctors work to cure Alzheimer’s.

Shonda, the critically acclaimed, multiple award-winning creator gives the reader a front row to seat to the show that is her life. She candidly talks about her life, her loses and achievements. She discusses her views on marriage, Hollywood, her creative process, her journey of weight loss, family, and her stellar career.

This is a story of a how a black girl from Chicago, went from being insipid to being impossible to miss. How her decision to say ‘‘Yes’’ to anything and everything that scared her, tremendously transformed her quality of life. The story of a woman who is unapologetic about her passion for her work and her interminable reverence of motherhood.

It is the story of a black woman who not only wears her melanin like a badge of honour, shatters glass ceiling and makes sure she brings a lot more women up with her!

It is raw, inspiring and entertaining!



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