Ever heard of that primordial question; who made you leader? Well, here’s the updated version; why should anyone be led by you? In a world that’s swiftly and surely being disrupted by technological advances, financial and political crises, and an ever-widening knowledge economy, what worked for one zeitgeist won’t automatically work for another.

Why was Churchill so effective as a leader during the war, but not so effective after the war? Why do some executives seem to have the Midas touch whereas some seem to be doomed ab inito?

Is leadership an inherent trait? Are some people born to be leaders while others are born to be led? If so, says who? Is successful leadership contingent on dexterity, genetics, the milieu? Or is successful leadership merely a thing of serendipity?

These are some of the questions that Rob and Gareth tackle in this richly informative book. These two gentlemen have more than twenty five years of experience on the subject of leadership. They’ve been academics, consultants and leaders. It is this well of knowledge, first-hand experience and acumen that they draw from to answer this one fundamental question; why should anyone be led by you?

In the course of writing this book, they have not only interviewed the whole gamut of leaders; corporate titans, political leaders, head teachers, and music executives, but also the people they lead. All this in an attempt to come up with an eclectic, 360 degree view of leadership.

This book is timelessly relevant to all of us, since we are all leaders in one form or another. It’s a question that we must all keep asking ourselves lest we become dinosaurs and time does away with us.  As Rob and Gareth rightly posit herein;

“Discovering who we are is likely to be a lifetime process involving continued testing and learning, trial and error, and many twists and turns along the way. Every twist results in learning, and learning is always done in conjunction with others”

I was introduced to this eye-opening, soul-searching book by two exceptional leaders. The erudite David Kuria and the adroit, soft-speaking, and highly-effective, Crystal Rose. Thank you for placing this book in my life! It has opened new vistas that I erstwhile wasn’t aware of! May the two of you keep leading and inspiring us.

Question; why should anyone be led you?



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