Have you ever had one of those nasty fights with your significant other that left such a bad taste in your mouth? You know, the sort of disagreements that leave you with such a heavy heart? The ones that make you question why you are in that relationship? The ones that make you feel like you can’t stand them?

Yes? Well, meet Dr. Gary Smalley, who until 2016, had been married to the same woman for FIFTY TWO YEARS!

In these fifty two years, his relationship experienced challenges and maelstroms. Yet, he and his wife found a way to deal with them and live happily in love till his death in 2016. This book is a culmination of forty years of marriage and thirty five years of being a marriage counsellor. As his title suggests, he explores the inner workings of relationships and gives his readers valuable insight and practical advice.

Being the month of love, it’s only right and loving, that we begin the month with a book on love. In Honour of the legendary Kobe Bryant, I will share eight lessons that spoke to me the most. I invite you to delve and discover many more lessons.

  1. “Life is relationships; the rest are just details.”
  2. “When people exclude God and try to navigate their own way through the relationship maze, we see much more fear prevalent in their lives.”
  3. “You are wired to need relationships. Even when they are hard, difficult or just plain frustrating, you need relationships. It’s the way you are wired. You have a longing to belong to someone, to be wanted and cherished for the valued person you are.”
  4. “Relationships are not an option. From the moment you are born, you are in a relationship with your parents. Soon, you’re in a relationship with other children. Later, you have relationships in the work place, and you develop relationships with close friends. And eventually most people develop a relationship with someone they deeply love.”
  5. “You are made for three kinds of relationships – With others, with yourself, and with God.”
  6. “Usually, the pain that another person causes you is coming out of a fear or insecurity you have about yourself.”
  7. “Effective communication comes down to listening and speaking with your heart. When people feel understood emotionally, they feel cared for. This is very different from listening to someone from the head – that is, looking merely for the content of the person’s words, without paying attention to the emotion. The goal of effective communication is to understand the emotional message of the speaker.”
  8. “Only when you recognize your own responsibility will you being to find a way out of the problem.”

Rest In Peace Dr Gary Smalley.

Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant!




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