Sloan’s erstwhile wealthy parents are found guilty of economic fraud, incarcerated and dispossessed of their property. Sloan is condemned to the mortifying fall from penthouse high rise to foster care. When she leaves foster care at eighteen, she discovers that she has become a pariah. Her friends are avoiding her. She has nowhere to go.

When she runs into an old acquaintance Cara, who lets her sleep on her couch and drive her car, but at a fee, she eagerly agrees without demur. Sloan now drives a cab for money. She has to give part of this money to Cara to buy coke. Sure, she knows it’s wrong, but you never bite the hand that feeds you, no? She therefore has to put up with a drug addict and her pervert brother, Lance.

On one of her late night drives, she picks Harry Hill, whom she almost pepper sprayed. Luckily, he diffused that situation and made the most of it. The relationship graduated from strangers who were apprehensive of each other, to friends who shared meals, to lovers who could barely keep their hands of each other!

This book is peppered by the interminable saliently sultry and sensual literary arousing, quintessential of Alexa Riley. As the book cover suggests, it’s the kind of book that invades your imagination and makes it run amok. It’s fast-paced, steamy and undeniably captivating!


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