Rachel Bishop-Firth astutely answers the call of many millennials and of those of the older generations by preparing a guide on how to come up with high powered C.V.s. Herein, in the simplest yet most effective ways, she explores all that prospective employers look for in a C.V., what areas to place emphasis, and which areas to completely leave out.

She uses her vast experience vault to open the reader’s eyes to how to access the hidden job market. For example, did you know that a surprising number of vacancies are never advertised? Especially the managerial and professional posts. Many of these are filled through: speculative approaches, agencies, head-hunters and contacts.

This book is a practical guide to how to prepare that C.V. that will make you as marketable as possible to prospective employers. It is written in a simple, systematic manner, complete with relatable backstories and illustrations.

Fun fact: Did you know that there are two types of C.V.s? Yes. There is:

  1. The time-based C.V. that is the traditional style of writing a C.V. It gives details of each post that you have held, starting with the most recent and working backwards through time. This is the format most preferred by employers.
  2. The skills-based C.V. which is organised around your skills and knowledge rather than the posts you have held. Since it places emphasis on your abilities and achievements, it is perhaps a more logical way of selling yourself to an employer.

Rachel says of a C.V. :

“Your C.V. is not your autobiography. It is not even a detailed career history. It is your personal marketing document. An advertisement for yourself. You are creating it to persuade the employer that you have what their organisation needs and that they should take the time to meet you and find out more.”

There’s this, and so much more to be gained from reading this eye-opening, and time-relevant, God sent book!


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