This is book gives you the sweats! Literally! Alexa Riley, does what she does best in this book-Paints a mental picture that will be etched in your head for a long time, if not forever! Built For Her chronicles the love journey of Geneviève, a freelancer based at County Hall and Barrett Cooper, a talented construction cognoscenti whose company specializes in renovating homes. Genevieve and her twin sister lived together for the longest time, till Gaby got married Neal, and had to move out. Geneviève then purchases a 100-year old Georgian-style house. It’s everything she dreamed of in a house but it is in dire need of renovation. Her twin sister Gaby, gives her a card of someone who had worked meticulously on her house, Barrett.

Come in Barrett, tall, hunky and exceptionally talented. He has an eye for detail, and as it turns out, for Genevieve too! It just happens that Geneviève had asked Martin, a freelancer colleague of hers, to inspect the house. The quid pro quo? A date. Barrett shows up and so do his feelings for Genevieve. Martin comes to pick her up and she finds out that they know each other. She goes on the date, albeit half-heartedly. Halfway into the date, and bored to death, Barrett shows up, much to Genevieve’s delight and whisks her away ostensibly to check on something at the house. It’s then that Barrett tells her of his connection to Martin.

It turns out that Martin was an angel on the outside but diabolic on the inside. He had sexually abused Barrett’s younger sister, Steph, in college. She was so scared that she finished college a year earlier and moved to another state, to be away from Martin. She even got her Dad, who was a judge, to call in a favour and have another judge grant her a restraining order against Martin. Barrett, apoplectic, prepared for a fight but as soon as he pulled up in Martin’s driveway, Martin had his friends call the police. Barrett never got to exact his vengeance. Stunned, Genevieve now began seeing the tell-tale signs, in retrospect. The aggressiveness, the anger issues, which she hadn’t seen before. She calls on her boss the mayor, who relieves Martin from duty, citing institutional changes. However, one of the officers known to Martin divulges that it was Genevieve that reported him to the mayor. This sets Martin off on a sinister mission.

Her stalks both Steph and Genevieve, much to Barrett’s Chagrin. The police launch a manhunt for him which seems futile after Martin goes off the radar for two weeks. He however resurfaces, sordid, seeing red, armed with a knife, and has Steph and Genevieve in one place!

This is a book of all highs! Emotions run high, so do feelings of intimacy. The author leaves NOTHING to imagination! This book will activate all nerve endings of your body! It’s an unforgettable read!


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