Two creative savants in Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, and Robert Greene, come together on this book to share their perspectives on the chess game that is life and its most potent drug, power. Robert, being a connoisseur in matters history and the dealings of power, is the mouth piece that articulates the life story of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. As he did so eruditely in his magnum opus, The 48 Laws of Power, Robert brings to light the notes of power musical chairs that 50 Cent had to play, to achieve the level of success he now enjoys. He does this through a combination of events such as following him into high-powered business meetings and observing how he handles his dealings, visiting his childhood home of Southside Queens, and even interacting with some of his childhood friends.

50 Cent’s life has been nothing short of a blockbuster thriller. He grew up in the perilous Southside of Queens, New York. He didn’t know his father, and his mother was dealing drugs to get by. She’d later be shot at the age of twenty three in a drug feud, leaving a young Curtis Jackson to navigate the jungle that is life. Inevitably, he got into dealing drugs, served time, and ventured into rap. It was when a hired assassin pumped nine bullets into his body, including one in his mouth, that he had the epiphany that would change his life forever!

His sounds changed. His perspective on life changed. His life changed!

In this book, Robert Greene expertly does all that, while giving insight to what was actually at play. He draws similar instances in the lives of global architects such as FDR, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Johnson, Malcolm X, and Napoleon Bonaparte. He colours 50 Cent as a street-smart, natural music genius and business guru. Highlighting crucial events in 50 Cent’s life, he adduces that 50 Cent is indeed a different type of being. He isn’t just a rapper, he is an artist. He isn’t just a boss, he is in-charge. He isn’t just a celebrity, he is a businessman!

This book will be an entertaining read for any 50 Cent and Robert Greene fan! It offers the best of both worlds. It allows the reader to know and understand 50 Cent better, and appreciate the progress he has made in life!



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