Pastor Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, uses his more than thirty years of decorated pastoral service to demystify and indeed, to bring home, how powerful an instrument the human mind is. His reference book? The Good Book, of course!

Dr. Chris makes a distinction between the mind and the brain. Quoting St. Paul’s letters to the Romans, in Romans 12:2, he makes the case that transformation can only be done by the renewal of our minds. Not of our cars, homes, bank accounts, or wardrobes, but of our minds.

Like only one with experience and hindsight can, Dr. Chris accurately quotes portions of scriptures for corroboration, all the while comparing various versions of the Bible for clarity.

He stresses on matters of the mind, and its renewal because, in his words, “who you are today is a function of your mind. Your personality is the expression of the contents working of your mind… Your life and the totality of your personality are the expression of your mind.” In this regard, in this book, he calls on us to access our mental hard drive to see what files we need to delete and the new ones we need to download and install, in order to better manage our minds differently.

Of importance, is where he makes the distinction between the outward man and the inward man, and their connectedness. That the former is the physical body and its five senses, while the latter is the human spirit and soul.

The parallels drawn, the distinctions made, the anecdotes and analogies interpolated are both eye-opening and informative.

This is one of those books you need, that you didn’t think you needed.


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