For Married Women Only is a follow-up to For Married Men Only, by Dr. Tony Evans of The Urban Alternative. Here, he focuses on the wife’s role in making the marriage work, in the eyes of the Lord.

He posits three principles to be followed:

  1. The Skill of Submission
  2. The Sweetness of Seduction
  3. The Sanctity of Surrender

Under each, he eruditely expounds on each principle, offering biblical verses from the books of Ephesians, 1 Peter and Proverbs (among many others), for corroboration, and sprinkling real life experiences here and there.

He is careful to define the terms ‘submission’ and ‘helper’ in the biblical context. Of submission, he defines it as, “a voluntary act of obedience to God on your (wife’s) part that does not diminish your worth in any way.” That the relationship between a husband and a wife is not that of a master to a slave, but that of a head to a body.

He holds that whereas women are called to submit to their husbands, this does not equate to blind loyalty. That indeed, when a husband requires his wife to do  something that is clearly against God’s will and that would dishonour her relationship with Christ, then she has a greater duty to obey God and not to submit to her husband.

This book contains timeless, pragmatic and tried-and-tested nuggets of wisdom, not just to women, but also to men.

This is a book that anyone looking to have a happy, fulfilled, Christian-marriage, should read.

Review by Aura Billy Osogo

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