For Married Men Only is an insightful book written by Dr. Tony Evans of The Urban Alternative (T.U.A.) ministry. In this book, he offers pragmatic, tested and wise counsel to men in marriage and young men looking to get into marriage. His irrefutably rich experience and tapestry in biblical knowledge and principles is evident in this conscientiously written book.

Dr. Tony Evans opines that:

“One of the reasons so many people are having so much trouble in their marriages today is that they are marrying sociologically instead of theologically. That is, their marriages are based more on social conventions and family expectations than on solid biblical foundations.”

He posits that the epitome of any marriage should be Christ’s marriage to His bride, the Church. In this regard, he holds that for husbands to fulfil their roles in their marriage, they must become three things to their wives; a saviour, a sanctifier and a satisfier.

Dr. Tony Evans opines that husbands must find out how Christ loves the church because that’s the standard husbands need to attain before they can legitimately be classified as husbands.

As a testament to his deep understanding of marriage and their conformity to biblical principles, Dr. Tony Evans suggests that if a husband’s love for his wife is to be like Christ’s love for the church, his love should be cruciform-in the shape of the cross. He wards away the popular opinion that a husband must be wearing a crown as the king of the castle. Instead, he reminds us that Jesus wore a crown, but it was a crown of thorns on his way to the cross. That you don’t get the crown without the cross. Put differently, you don’t get the glory of Easter without the pain of the cross! Ah, such wisdom!

Here’s one new, fun fact that I learned from this great book. The Hebrew word for man is ‘isb’ and the word for woman is ‘isba’, which means “taken from man.” So what Adam did was give Eve his name. Thus, is the origin of the practice of a wife taking her husband’s name. It is far more than a legal move or a convenience in identifying a married couple. It’s really the first act of submission for a wife to her husband. It’s a statement of God’s original intent in marriage!

That and so much more nuggets of wisdom can be found in this impactful book! Men, and women, for literature doesn’t discriminate, this is a book we must read!


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