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Ever heard of the term triskaidekaphobia? That’s the Greek word for the fear of the number 13! A whole array of events in history has given the number 13, an unlucky superstitious connotation. Not least among them, the dreaded Friday 13th. This book, however, will realign this superstitious view on the number 13. It shall lead to a paradigm shift of the number 13, forever!

13 STEPS TO BLOODY GOOD LUCK is Ashwin Sanghi’s first foray into the world of non-fiction writing. Boy did he leave a mark!

He narrates his disappointment in his first novel, The Rozabal Line, being rejected by most literary agents and publishers in India. One evening, as they were having dinner, he recounted his misfortunes to his father’s friend. The gregarious Punjabi gentleman answered, “In life, ninety-nine per cent is about good luck.

The final one percent?

“That’s bloody good luck!”

That simple response inspired this insightful book.

Hasn’t it always been a question; is there such a thing as luck? What is the difference between luck and success? Can I successful be being lucky?

Ashwin uses events in his life and that of other people, to posit that the 1% bloody good luck is the ability to catch the 99% when it presents itself.

He convincingly and in detail, concludes that our good luck is contingent primarily on our ability to:

  • Increase opportunities that come our way;
  • Recognise the valuable ones among them
  • Respond to the recognised opportunities

Consequently, our attitude and approach to life, determines in a major way, our ability to increase the opportunities that come our way.

In his own words;

“Lucky people are lucky because they expose themselves to more opportunities by being willing to do new things, meet new people or travel to new places. They are willing to work outside their comfort zones.”

Grab your copy of this timely, beautifully written, practical book, by Ashwin Sanghi and discover the 13 steps to bloody good luck!

A review by Aura Billy Osogo


A review by Aura Billy Osogo


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